Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week Four: Half-way There!

Here's the crew inside and outside Woodland Pattern Book Center after looking through many examples of chapbooks.

Director Anne Kingsbury (far right) and her assistant Julie (far left) were very helpful giving us ideas about how to design our chapbook.

The interns (and lead artist) have had a very intensive week choosing the poems that will comprise the chapbook. We are still working hard to edit it and to get it "perfect." We have a vision of how we want the book to be: now we just have to find out if our budget will support the vision!

We have also been contacting various possible venues for our poetry reading as well as practicing reading poems (our own and others') aloud. The interns have done a great job of encouraging each other at this. They just have to stop looking at each other and breaking into giggles!

Interns, from left: Michael Baker, Danielle Sanders, Tiara Cannon, Savanna Pryor, Mikael Luter, Clara Forrest, Lawrence Frater, Demetrius Cooper.

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