Thursday, August 21, 2008

what it is from the kid

It's me and I'm back again/check out the blog and go tell a friend /
I fuel on poetry so my words give me strength/
pops was right when he said i was born to win/
I deep rooted in my ways so don't try to make me bend/
Because living my life without the freedom of expression is like living in sin/
This is the end of week seven/
We're getting ready for the reading and it feels like lyrical heaven/

That's just a quick little something from within.

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ArtWorks for Milwaukee, Inc. said...

I find Michael's work to be very uplifting, and feel he should be very proud. Michael has been under a lot of additional stress the past few weeks, and yet is so resilient -- Committed to his job as well as his project team.
-- Meghan